Participant After Dark



Thank you!

A celebration of our 16th anniversary, and the culmination of Breaking Wave, a benefit exhibition for Participant Inc.

Birthday toasts from Ron Athey, Lizzi Bougatsos, Cy Gavin, Baseera Khan, M Lamar, Narcissister, and more…

Birthday cakes by Miss Behave, KJ Freeman, Nash Glynn, Laura Parnes, Sheri Pasquerella, Kembra Pfahler, Jordan StraferEthan Weinstock, and more…


Photos: Katrina del Mar

PARTICIPANT AFTER DARK is a series of benefit events conceived under the influence of the late-night television show Playboy After Dark and iconic gay lifestyle magazine After Dark, featuring music, performance, cocktails, and nightclub fare to reincarnate the late-night party set. Mingle with exceptional guests and contemplate subjects once featured in Ballroom Dance Magazine and its erotic journalistic spin-off, After Dark: scantily-clad males, rumba, and waltz.

All proceeds directly support PARTICIPANT INC's exhibitions and public programs, which seek to address the changing context of alternative arts presenting, and respond responsibly to the diverse practices of artists. Since 2001, PARTICIPANT has supported artists and produced projects that would otherwise not exist in New York City, establishing a context that recognizes the social and cultural value of artistic experimentation.